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Business tax is hard and getting more complex every year. Many clients come to us because they feel like they may be paying too much tax and aren’t receiving good enough advice from their previous advisor.

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We are great at:
  • Tax for all structures
  • Tax Planning
  • Self Managed Super
  • Capital Gains Tax
  • GST
  • Property Tax Matters.
Let’s chat about paying less tax

Kind words from some of our tax clients

Some recent clients who are paying less tax

I have a trusted advisor that genuinely cares about me, my business and someone I can turn to when I need to.

I have a trusted advisor that genuinely cares about me, my business and someone I can turn to when I need to.

Ben Roberts supports me as a business owner. He pushes me to learn more and to grow the business, but in a way I want it to grow, not just the way it should appear on paper. I trust Ben to provide me with advice and support that helps me make the business what I want it to be, but also pushing me that little but more as he has faith in what I am trying to achieve. I have referred a number of clients to R&C and have no hesitation in doing this again.

Susan Harris Owner - Event Management is without hesitation and with complete confidence that I can highly recommend David on his services...

Congratulations David!
Great to hear that you and your firm is doing great works that’s gaining international recognition in your professional arena!
It’s such a privilege to be asked to write a testimonial for you even though we have yet to really kick off our project. But really thank you for taking us on and providing such excellent advises and directions.
Haha….I’m not good with words…but it is without hesitation and with complete confidence that I can highly recommend David on his services. He’s knowledgeable, someone who thinks outside the box for his clients and also to think from the shoes of his clients! We have had experiences with other accountants but none of them is
like him…who would go the extra mile for his client! Thank You David and your team!

Alice Quek Property Developer

Having previously been disappointed by the services of 3 other firms, it is refreshing to at last being able to recommend an accounting firm to my friends.

I’ve found David and his team to be very helpful and knowledgeable. His personable approach makes it easy for me to discuss any matters concerning my businesses and personal finance.
His support and advice has been invaluable in ensuring our businesses are structured efficiently and in compliance.
Having previously been disappointed by the services of 3 other firms, it is refreshing to at last being able to recommend an accounting firm to my friends.

Frederick Dubios Construction

3 reasons clients choose us to manage their tax

Roberts & Cowling - Reason Clients Manage their Own Tax
High Client Involvement
We see our clients more than once per annum. We see our clients at least quarterly and in many instances we meet with our Virtual CFO clients monthly. This provides our clients the opportunity to ask questions and gain a greater appreciation of the day to day decisions that impact on tax.
Roberts & Cowling - Explaining Tax
Explaining Your Tax
We meet with our clients to go through their end of year income tax returns and financials. This provides an important opportunity for our clients to gain a real understanding of the work we did and what we implemented to save them tax (as well as how much tax was saved).
We believe that some business owners get the impression they are paying too much tax because they don’t have a strong relationship with their accountant and their accountant isn’t communicate appropriately with them. We believe your business tax return cannot be explained in a letter or email.
Roberts & Cowling - Tax Planning Man Looking at the Board
Tax Planning
We advocate tax planning. Tax planning for most small businesses should be an integral part of the calendar. We like planning for our clients in April and May of each year, before the end of financial year. This allows us to put in place strategies before the end of the financial year that wouldn’t be possible afterwards. We always guarantee to our clients that we find tax savings that are at least double our fees in doing this work. It makes the investment decision in doing a tax plan easy!

How we work with our clients to save tax

Tax for all structures
Having the right business structures allows for flexibility when organising your tax affairs. Likewise, if you have the right structures but your advisors aren’t considering all the benefits they provide- you may as well not have them.We take the time to consider our clients complete picture so that we can minimise tax payable using all the available structures. We can deal with all of our clients with all types of structures.
Roberts & Cowling Tax - Tax for All Structures
Tax Planning
We advocate tax planning strongly with our clients. We spend a lot of time in the months before 30 June helping our clients understand what they can do before 30 June to save tax. There are so many tax saving strategies that cannot be implemented after 30 June. When preparing a tax plan we always guarantee that our clients will save three times (3x) our fees in tax. It makes doing a tax plan each year an awesome investment!!
Roberts & Cowling Tax - Tax Planning
Self Managed Super
We understand self managed superannuation fund income tax issues. We can assist with the tax issues surrounding your self managed super fund. There have been enormous changes to self managed super funds in the last few years. Getting the right advice at the right time is imperative to making sure your fund is working for your retirement and most importantly remains compliant.
Roberts & Cowling Tax - Self Managed Super
Capital Gains Tax
Capital gains is extremely complex. We are highly experienced with all aspects of Capital Gains Tax. We can help you take advantage of some of the specific parts of the law that can reduce your capital gains tax enormously. Often clients don’t even realise that they have a capital gain event. We help our clients navigate these transactions to make sure that tax isn’t paid due to unintended consequences.
Roberts & Cowling Tax - Capital Gains Tax
GST is everywhere! We have experience with all levels of GST, from helping our clients understand the basics of GST to advising on the most complex transactions involving GST. Given that GST has an impact of 10% on most transactions, its important to get it right!
Roberts & Cowling Tax - GST
Property Tax Matters
We have been involved in many very large property transactions. We have saved clients huge amounts of tax (our record is currently $5.4 million!) due to our superior knowledge of all things property.
Some specific issues around property tax that we are experts in navigating are:

  • Margin scheme
  • Capital Gains
  • GST
  • Land Tax
  • Going concern
  • Stamp Duty

The importance of the right structures, sound agreements and control of the numbers cannot be understated when it comes to property.

Roberts & Cowling Tax - Property Tax Matters

Let’s chat about paying less tax

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