Coronavirus – We Are Here to Help


The last couple of weeks have been unprecedented in Australia. The impacts of the coronavirus although widespread globally are having huge impacts closer to home. Business and employment are being seriously adversely affected. As accountants and business advisors we are seeing firsthand the collateral damage that this virus is having.

Roberts & Cowling will continue to be actively involved in all our client’s businesses regardless of any shutdowns. At the time of writing, our team is still in the office and we previously invested in infrastructure that does allow us to work remotely. In that way, we’ll always be available to you. Please don’t hesitate at any point to contact the office via email or telephone, our team are here and will do our best to get you through this tough period.



The federal and state governments have announced several rebates and stimulus packages which include but are not limited to:

• Increase in the instant asset thresholds from $30,000 to $150,000.
• PAYG Withholding rebates for Employers to allow better cashflow through this period.
• State governments providing interest free loans to assist businesses.
• Increases in common Centrelink payments for the vulnerable
• Changes to the Corps Act to allow directors more time to deal with insolvent business and provide more time to trade through.



What We Are Doing


There are also several additional initiatives being undertaken to assist you through these times. Whilst the ink is still to dry on the final details, please know once it is dry your team at Roberts & Cowling will be in touch to work with you to take advantage of all stimulus being offered.

We see reasons to be optimistic. We are seeing clients use clever strategies to make the best of these times. Quiet, down time might be an opportunity for us all to rest and get ready to push hard when things recover. Finally, it might be a great idea to overhaul your systems, get on top of admin and start the post-COVID.

Finally, it would be remiss of me not to reiterate that all the items above are not going to make any difference unless you look after yourself. Please look after yourselves and each other.
We are here to help!