What We Do

There is a reason why it’s called “forging” a relationship. Relationships and trust are hard fought and take time to flourish. We are ready to put the hard work and time into all our clients. We have developed an approach that encourages both of us, as a team, to put the effort into you and your business.

Assess, Plan, Innovate, Grow, Live! is the way we collaborate to deliver superb outcomes. Each stage is customised for every client. No cookie cutters at R&C. Your business is special to you and likewise to us. As the relationship and your business grows then the services will span all areas rather than more focused on the first few stages.

Client Lifecycle


We work with our clients to ascertain what our..


How can our clients achieve their dreams..


How can we make our clients systems better..


How can we maximise revenue and profit..


We assist people achieve financial retirement..

Meet Our Team

We have an amazing team and culture at R&C. We like being offbeat and out of the ordinary. We have developed team members who are dedicated to forging the strongest relationships to build amazing businesses. Our teamwork isn’t just internal.



In 2003, our founders, Ben Roberts and David Cowling (aged 19) made a decision to dedicate their lives to helping business owners build amazing businesses. They knew that accountants were stale and that the only way they could achieve their objectives was to create an accounting firm where meaningful client relationships foster smart, innovative outcomes.

We make business easier for life. Owning a business is hard. Making a business meet its owners expectations and aspirations is even harder. Therefore, we act proactively to assist our clients in all aspects of their business. Understanding our client’s goals and objectives, both personally and professionally, help us tailor solutions to make the most of every business.   


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Our Network

We are a chartered accounting firm which means you can be assured you are..
We are members of the Qld Master Builders Association. We are passionate...
We refer our financial planning needs for clients to One Vision Financial Services.
We refer our estate planning, asset protection and business succession strategy legal work to RowelLegal...